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Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting

Surprise Valley Electric holds it's Annual Membership on the first weekend in September following Labor Day.  The meeting is held at the Fairgrounds in Cedarville, CA.  As a member of our cooperative, we strongly encourage you to attend the meeting to learn more about the co-op, get important news, and to elect the Board of Directors.

At the meeting, you will check in at 10am and once everyone is registered, at 11:30am we break for lunch.  The lunch is put on by the Alturas Lions Club and there is always good company and entertainment.  After lunch at 1:00pm, the meeting itself starts.


There are two ways you can vote for Directors:

  1. In person at the Annual Meeting
  2. By proxy - In August, you will receive a proxy in the mail that will allow you to vote if you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting.  You then complete the proxy and return it to the office before the date listed on the proxy.


Surprise Valley Electric is governed by a seven member Board of Directors.  Directors are elected to their position from membership and serve in three year terms.  The cooperative is divided into seven districts, approximately equal in population, and one Director is elected for each district.  Directors serve without salary, but receive a fee and expenses paid for attending board and other designated meetings.  You as a member are eligible to be elected to serve as a Director                        .


There are three methods to nominate The Board of Directors:

  1. The nominating committee, which is appointed by The Board of Directors, shall nominate one or more members to a Directorate.
  2. Any thirty (30) or more members may make nominations by petition.  Petitions must be filed no less than 45 days before the annual meeting.
  3. Additional nominations can be made from the floor at the annual meeting.  Section 4.06 in the SVEC By-laws sets forth the methods of nomination to the Board of Directors.


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