Budget Pay Frequently Asked Questions

The budget payment plan is an option for our members to put their residential accounts on a payment schedule for a fixed amount each month.

The budget payment plan is calculated for an account based on energy use from the previous 12 months.  This average amount is the monthly payment for the next year. 

The budget payment amount is re-calculated every June based on energy use for the previous 12 months.  You will see the new amount reflected on the bill you receive early July.

Yes, pay the exact budget amount shown on your bill.  Once the budget payment amount is calculated, the SVEC payment system is setup to recognize only that amount as a correct payment.  Any payment above or below the budget payment amount that is billed to you will throw off the calculation and change your budget amount the following month.

If there is a balance owing at the time the budget is recalculated, that balance is divided by 12 and the value is added onto the monthly payment.

With the budget payment plan there will be some months that the budget is higher than the actual energy use and other months that the budget is lower.  Ultimately you will pay for all energy used on your account.

To request to be added to the budget payment plan, you must have at least a 12-month history of good pay with SVEC. Then, simply call the SVEC office at (530) 233-3511.  Only residential accounts that are current with no past due balance are eligible for the plan.

To request to be removed from the budget payment plan, simply call the SVEC office at (530) 233-3511.  If there is a balance due on the account, that amount must be paid in full before removing the budget payment plan.  If there is a credit balance or a zero balance, the budget payment plan will be canceled upon your request.